vocabulary activities


vocabulary activities

      We have finished our e-twinning project about vocabulary activities that are used in class  so I accumulated  all the activities in a web page in order to disseminate  to the world.  I  hope you will benefit from  these activities a lot .

Note L1 : mother tongue  , L2 : foreingn language (english) 

race against time

touch the cross meaning

find your peer

my monster

asking vocabulary cards to the groups

speed writing

matching antonym-synonym

vocabulary chain


personal shield

the silent six

calming starters


magic math machine


fill in the meaning list

Heart Attack


geocentric class

connect the dots


world connection

Quick Word Scramble

Easy Poetry Formats

sign me


write the deleted meaning

choose your rival

Number Drawings

draw your animal

Hidden Leader

Word Chain

park it

add on

reactions & story chain

gestures & shopping list

random sentences

vocabulary cards & duel

10 unknown words & flashcards

chinese whisper optimised to class